Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dental Visit

I finally brought Ellis to the dentist!

I had been putting it off because just based on her temperament we did not think she would go through a dental check without any screaming/holding her down. Whenever I broached the topic of dentists, she would tell me "No" very insistently and get all upset - she said that visiting the dentist would be "painful"- I'm not sure where she got the notion from. And she said she was NOT going to open her mouth for the dentist to check her teeth.

But yesterday her friend Anne had an appointment with her dentist and Alicia (Anne's mum) invited us along. I thought it might be a good idea for Ellis to ëxperience"the dentist (and realise that it didn't have to be scary), and hopefully maybe even get her into the mood to check/polish her pearlies.

We went to LuAlly Dental at Raffles City....Dr Phua was nice and chatty, and wearing pink scrubs! Ellis watched Anne get her teeth counted and checked as well as polished. She didn't want to get into the chair, but allowed Dr Phua to count her teeth standing up...she even got to hold the little round dentist mirror! At first she opened her mouth a little....then it got bigger and bigger! The good news is that she has a nice full set of 20 teeth, and no cavities..yay! I couldn't get her to get her teeth polished, but it was a good start. I hope she has a positive view of the dentist..and that she gets her teeth polished on her next visit!

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